Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movies Podcast: Just some info...

Movies Podcast: Just some info...: "For this site, my cousin and I are going to be making a podcast all about movies. We'll try to do one once a week. It won't always be of a n..."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rules and round one bracket


1. No more than one dispel can be used in a row

2. No fleeing duels - if you flee a duel, you will be automatically eliminated

3. No bad language or being rude to opponents - This will result in disqualification

4. You can use a maximum of 2 Wild Bolts

5. Insane bolt can be used unlimited times

6. If you don't show up at the time of the battle, you are eliminated - You will need to communicate the time of the battle

7. The wizard that you start the tournament with is the one you have to use throughout the tournament.


EliteWizard vs bfrogstone
Drdemon411 vs AmberRosePetal
Jason. vs Challenge Accepted
epicali vs lingo3000
connor dragonrider vs Lily of Chastity
DrakeFlame vs Madii
deathcon vs Jacob.
JuaNN vs Jonathan RedFlame
Illusionist vs Cookie_Monster
Phantomboy7 vs The Water-Mole Idol
WITCH0808 vs Ben.
blupegasus vs Justin.
rockydodgers vs nickman51333
101grandmaster101 vs Phantom Thaumaturge
Latios vs TurtleBlood
Scot Spirit Blossom vs TheAlmightySorcerer
G Legend vs Vengeance
death_master vs Flame Dancer
PhoenixFeather vs maxitola2009
Shadowblood vs chamender3
Matt1 vs kathryn
Lord StormRider vs Reshiram's Master
Summer vs Jose FrostFlame
Conner DeathStaff vs shantanua996
pikachu99862 vs micgamerpro101
MoonShadow15 vs apoofanickymama
Hunter Tomap vs wizard101love
mewthree3 vs Chris Song
evansky1029 vs kookie1997
charlie1010 vs FireBringer
owltamer vs Diana Soulblade

The reason blupegasus vs Justin. have different colors is because they have already played and blupegasus won.
The reason 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Epic PvP Tourney (8 MEGA SNACK PACKS)


Do you want to win 8 Mega Snack packs... Of course you do!

You will have to fight for it though. Even if you are not particularly good at PvP, go ahead and enter, it's free!

In about a week or so I will post the bracket.

If you want to enter post one of the following below in the comments section:

1.Twitter Name
2. Facebook Name
3. Email

PS. If you would like to watch some of the fights, I will be livestreaming them with commentary, but don't worry about that till the bracket is made up!


Friday, June 17, 2011

A very weird and interesting wonder of Wizard101

(Click on the picture to get a better view)

In the Ancient Buriel Grounds in Mooshu, where you have to fight the Tomugawa The
Evil, there are six lanterns. Only one is lit.

If you go up to that lantern, and look down then you see a mysterious face.

Weird Isn't it?

My New Blog!

Hello Everyone! I am excited to be announcing my new blog! In the near future I will be updating my site with news, contest, and some other random stuff! See you around the Spiral!